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Our company prides itself on selecting and laying only the best sod.  Sod should be purchased as fresh as possible. Ideally, it should have been cut no more than 24 hours prior to delivery. Sod should be laid as soon as possible, no later than one day after delivery. If the sod needs to be stored for a time, it should be kept in a cool, shaded area to avoid drying out of exposed rolls.

Sod should be laid on slightly moistened soil, staggering the joints: much like bricklaying. When laying sod on a slope, the rolls should be laid across the slope, and each piece should be staked to hold it in place. Cracks should be filled with soil to prevent edges from drying, and a roller, about one third full of water, should be used to smooth the site and ensure the roots of the sod make good contact with the soil.

Fresh Sod must be kept moist, but not saturated, until it is firmly rooted in the soil (this process takes a few days), at which time watering should be gradually reduced. This process should continue for 2-3 months, at which point the sod can be maintained in the same manner as an established lawn.

Aerification may help to prevent layering caused by peat or soil that came with the sod. Sod should be aerated after establishment in spring or fall, to at least a depth that penetrates the sod and the existing soil layer.

Once your lawn is established, it will provide many benefits, including cooling effects, erosion, runoff control, and allergen reduction. For more information on sod, or to arrange for our company to purchase and/or lay sod for your home or business, contact Nolasco-Inc. at ( or 954-974-0512.



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