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Organic Mulches
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The landscapers at Adilio Nolasco, Inc. are experts in selecting and laying mulch.  Many materials can be used for mulching, but a determination must be made of which mulch best suits your particular needs.  All mulches have different characteristics, some of which may be advantages in some situations and disadvantages in others.  Contact Nolasco-Inc. at 954-772-7394 or 954-462-4598 to discuss the mulch that is right for you.

bulletSummer mulches. Summer mulches are used during the growing season primarily for flowers and vegetables. These mulches retain moisture; reduce weed growth, and moderate soil temperatures. Summer mulches are often left in place through the winter to reduce erosion.  Perennial plants may also benefit by the use of winter mulches.
bulletWinter mulches. Mulches used primarily to protect shrubs and flowers from severe winter temperatures and frost heaving are called winter mulches. They are laid down in late fall and serve as insulation during the winter.
bulletPermanent mulches. Permanent mulches are used where mulch is desired year round, for example in paths and around trees and shrubs. If organic material is used, "permanent" mulches will still need to be replenished annually.


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