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Hedges Purpose

Trimming hedges

The normal rules for pruning apply to hedge shrubs to encouraging dense growth from top to bottom of the hedge.  If the intention is to allow the hedge to grow up for laying, you can just trim the side of the hedge and keep the top level for appearance. Contact Nolasco-Inc. at 954-772-7394 or 954-974-0512.


The overall objective of hedge trimming is to make the hedge as thick as possible and to maximize the intervals between layering, which is a time consuming and relatively expensive activity.  There is a trade off between getting the hedge tall again as quickly as possible and getting it to grow more plush.


Whether trimming mechanically or by hand, the direction of trimming should follow that of the laying so that the hedges are trimmed with, rather than against, the lay of the hedge.  This minimizes the damage to stems as hedges are cut.  If trimming mechanically, the equipment used must be capable of cutting the re-growth cleanly, with minimum damage to the stems.




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